Residential & Commercial Attic Fan Installations

Attic fans keep your house cooler by blowing the hot air that builds up in your attic from the inside to the outside, venting the air through the roof. This ventilation helps lower the strain on your A/C. Roof vent exhaust fans also prevent moisture from building up in your attic and causing mold and mildew. In addition, they increase the life of your roof by avoiding unnecessary overheating of your shingles.

Solar attic fans (also known as roof vent exhaust fans) do all this without adding any extra cost to your electric bill! In fact, they’ll help reduce your electric bill by taking some of the workload off your A/C. These solar powered fans take the energy that is making your house hot and use it to help make your house cooler. They need no extra wiring and the motors are ultra-quiet.

All Brothers Roofing and Chimney, serving all of Long Island, has the expertise to get your solar attic fan installed right – quickly and cleanly. Save money, stay cooler, and help the environment.